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We want to bring some quality back to the world. Come and help us do it ...

Waremakers aims to become a globally recognised brand and to help inspire a move away from fast consumerism and towards people buying and using better quality products. We have partnered with one of Europe's largest companies in our sector and are growing the business from our offices in Spain. 

We are looking for talented, experienced, self-motivated and ambitious people who thrive in international environments.

Are you such a person? And are you equally motivated by the thought of combining a very busy, but also very rewarding, work-week in an ambitious start-up with a life in beautiful, sub-tropical Valencia, Spain?

Please note that salaries in Spain are significantly lower than in, say, Northern Europe or the US, but living expenses are equally low compared to those same countries.

You need to be a citizen of the EU, or hold a EU working permit, to be considered.


Currently we have no job openings.