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Better, lasting goods

 Quality with a purpose

Unhappy with a world of uniform highstreets, fleeting trends, and mass production in faraway places, we wanted two things: Uncompromising quality and purposeful design. 

And we wanted the transparency of knowing the people, the places and the processes behind the things we buy.

So, we started Waremakers. 

Our mission is to promote a culture of buying fewer, but better, lasting goods. 

We achieve this by providing a unified place to discover thoughtfully designed, durable goods as well as expert guides, stories, and in-depth information about our producers. 

We want people to experience the complete satisfaction that comes with using exceptional quality goods.


From the dictionary

waremaker (plural: waremakers). Noun.

A combination of:

ware; a manufactured article offered for sale — often used as a substitute for 'product' when referring to an item where great care has gone into the manufacturing process.

maker; a person, or other entity, that makes something.

Used in combination, waremaker signifies an entity that applies artisanal skills to the making of one or more items that, once completed, will abide by the highest standard (implicit or explicit) for the category to which the item belongs.


Said about Waremakers

"An excellent online boutique dedicated to the best-designed and crafted products from around the world."

"Accessories with understated cool. Those who relish informed decision-making will find delight in this site."

"Emphasis on know-how and heritage add to the uniqueness of the new luxury shopping experience."


Waremakers was founded in 2013 by Anders Ojgaard, Danish, and Mary Tungay, British.
Waremakers is a globally orientated business registered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a secondary office in Valencia, Spain.