Ateliers Auguste — minimalist carry goods created with French finesse

Brothers Laurent and Xavier are obsessed with quality, and inspired by the aphorism often used in architecture and design ‘Less is More’.

ateliers auguste madame bag

On a bustling street in the 4th arrondissement of Paris local hipsters and tourists mingle outside a trendy cafe sipping coffees and wiping flakes of recently consumed croissants from their clothing.

We pride ourselves on producing fine French products, and supporting artisanal culture

On the same street an austere glass fronted boutique with leather and canvas bags displayed on a single modern bench can be found. The shops façade is very much in keeping with the minimalist designs of the brand it houses — Ateliers Auguste.

ateliers auguste's flagship store

Ateliers Auguste's flagship store is located in the trendy 4th arrondissement of Paris.

Brothers Laurent and Xavier are the founders of this chic Parisian brand. They are obsessed with quality, and inspired by the aphorism often used in architecture and design ‘Less is More’.

ateliers auguste founders laurent and xavier

Laurent and Xavier at their flagship store in Paris, which is home to their design studio too.

Their obsession led them to leave their own communications agency in 2012 and begin work on designing a range of bags and accessories for men that embraced these same qualities.

Throughout the design process the brothers paid great attention to creating carry goods with simple lines and perfect proportions — without compromising on functionality. Subtle details and a classic colour palette was added, and the result was a refined and timeless collection.

With quality at the forefront of their minds the brothers sourced their leather from the renowned Masure Tannery in Belgium. Today the tannery is still a family business, specialising in the vegetable-tanning of cow leathers. It has worked with some of the most esteemed luxury brands since its opening in 1873.

Production was also vigorously researched, and eventually entrusted to highly-skilled artisans in Venice, Italy and Porto, Portugal. Quality control is rigorous and every last detail, from the stitching, to the zips and buckles are inspected for imperfections.

ateliers auguste's production

Skilled hands make Ateliers Auguste's carry goods in leather workshops based in Venice and Porto.

In 2018, spurred on by the success of their men’s range the brothers introduced their first bag for women — the Monceau. Available in two perfectly proportioned sizes and a range of classic colours, the bag manages to combine Ateliers Auguste’s distinct style with a touch of femininity.