Anna Soderstrom at work
Various | United Kingdom
How a morning sickness reawakening led to premium knitwear
Mühle brushes on Waremakers
Producers of some of the world's finest shaving equipment, Germany's Mühle started life modestly in a washhouse
Apothecary 87 594 image
Apothecary 87 concocts masculine grooming potions for the 21st century gent
Tanner Bates leather belts and bags
The founder of Tanner Bates comes from a long family line of leather craftsmen.
Doe leather hands
Choose the zip pull yourself at Doe – there's a century of history in it
Robinson & Dapper on Waremakers
Sarah Robinson mixes a love of ties and bow ties with the fabrics of her youth
Broundal on Waremakers
Broundal's handcrafted leather goods are masterworks of minimalist Nordic Design
Sozzi Calze on Waremakers
"Quality, whatever the cost" is the job description for Franco Sozzi
Kei Tominaga's Point 4 Stud Earrings
Tokyo-born Kei Tominaga's conceptual jewellery is inspired by the subtle beauty of everyday objects
L.G.R founder Luca Gnecchi Ruscone
Bags handmade in Italy ― with a rugged and functional durability inspired by a family's history in Africa from the 1930s
Mike Watt and Nia Wood from Rural Kind
Rural Kind create honest, purposeful goods from deep within the Welsh countryside
La Coppola Storta caps are for both women and men
Handmade in Sicily, these hats may make you think of the mafia, but they are in fact meant to do the opposite
40 Colori Navy Silk Tie
Family-run Italian brand 40 Colori brings half a century of crafted knowledge to its vivid neckwear
Paper Republic on Waremakers
How intangible Powerpoints led to the formation of a new republic
Jules Hogan on Waremakers
England's Jules Hogan translates the tranquility of the countryside into premium, hand-knitted accessories
Mirta on Waremakers
Mirta jewellery shuns 'bling' in favour of natural materials and minimalist lines
The Bedfordshire Beard Co.
Gravity defying natural beard care infused with the great outdoors
Kaweco vintage pen on Waremakers
Sometimes, being a little behind in innovation can get you ahead in the end
By Bremmer Postman Bags
Timeless leather bags with a touch of Nordic brawn
Louise & Zaid founder Marta Luisa Silvarrey Casanova
Spanish atelier Louise & Zaid is reviving male elegance with a range of handcrafted neckwear
Bleu de Chauffe Models
Bleu de Chauffe brings bags of the past into urban modernity
Tim Hardy on Waremakers
Tim Hardy’s leather belts are painstakingly handcrafted to last forever
Mei-Li Rose on Waremakers
Mei-Li Rose uses ancient techniques to produce classic jewellery with a contemporary twist
M.Hulot on Waremakers
British designer Anna Kreeger’s accessories brand M.Hulot reflects the distinctive charm of the character behind its name
Catherine Aitken on Waremakers
Film producer turned maker of fine bags after a visit to the South of France
À L'aise ― fine stationery and leather goods.
These exquisitely minimalist leather goods are created by a calligrapher’s fair hand
Garvan de Bruir working in his studio
Leather master De Bruir may seem from a bygone era, but his creations are as timeless as they are uncompromising
Midori pen and brass pen case
It's simple and it's irreversible ... since 1950
Albert Lacreu on Waremakers
Spain's Albert Lacreu draws on architectural principles in his intricate designs
Mimi Berry A/W16 campaign image
Central Saint Martins design meets East End craftsmanship at Mimi
The Belt Makers on Waremakers
A shared passion for archery led Mark and Marie Buckfield to establish The Belt Makers
Allison Bryan's Paper collection
Each piece of Allison Bryan jewellery tells a multilayered story
Wentworth Pewter on Waremakers
How flasks made of 'the white metal' became forever the symbol of man in nature
Capricorn Mohair Socks on Waremakers
Once a shepherd, Jon Monks now tends mohair instead of livestock.
Robertson Jessel briefcase
Robertson Jessel spans half a century of British and European quality
Cavesson's on Waremakers
These premium gentlemen's wallets epitomise British style but conceal a fiery Mediterranean spirit
Catherine Dang tote bag
Geneva-based Catherine Dang shares the same 'more simple less vain' philosophy as her city's hero, Jean-Jacques Rousseau