Do you ship to my country?

We generally ship to all parts of the world.

If there are any shipping restrictions on a product, you will be able to see this under 'DETAILS' on the page of the product you wish to order.

You will also be notified during checkout if some of the products in your bag cannot be shipped to your destination.

NOTE: If an order is shipping to a non-EU address, VAT will be removed from the order during the SHIPPING stage of check-out. More specifically, the order total will update when you click "get shipping quotes" during check-out.

To pre-check where a specific make of products can be delivered to, find the make on THE A-Z LIST OF WAREMAKERS.

Click the make, and on the following page, choose 'TERMS, DELIVERY & RETURNS' in the upper left corner.

Please note that if the recipient is placed outside the EU, the country of the recipient may impose duties, customs and local sales taxes on shipped goods. Waremakers is unable to advice about what the amount of these duties may be. If you live outside the EU, we recommend checking your country's duty regulations before making online purchases.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs depend on the supplier and the location of the supplier and the recipient.

To get shipping information about the item you are interested in, simply click 'DELIVERY & RETURNS' on that item's page.

Final shipping costs will be calcuated at check out. Here are a few examples of costs:

  • 10 pairs of Sozzi Calze socks to anywhere in the EU: 15.00 €
  • A leather bag from Travelteq to anywhere in the world: Free shipping
  • A leather bag from Mimi to anywhere in the EU: 14.00 €
  • 8 notebooks from Calepino to anywhere in the EU: 9.50 €
  • 2 Mühle razors shipping to Germany: 3.90 €

Note that ordering items from multiple makers sometimes means that the items will be shipped from multiple suppliers. In these cases, your order will automatically be broken down into smaller orders that have separate shipping costs. You will be notified of this during checkout and will have the option to make changes to your order.


How soon can I get my items?

Average delivery times to EU recipients are 1-5 days but depend on the supplier and your location. For orders shipping to outside the EU, allow up to 10 days.

To pre-check the estimated delivery time for an item, simply click 'DELIVERY & RETURNS' while viewing that item's page. 

You will also be notified about estimated delivery at checkout.

You can also check the estimated delivery of any product by finding the make of products on our makers page. Click on the maker and, on the following page, click 'TERMS. DELIVERY & RETURNS'.

Some suppliers offer an express shipping option. You will be presented with the possible shipping options at check-out.

Please note that special items and customized items can take longer to deliver.