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Helping people find those high quality, stylish products on an internet offering overwhelming choice

At Waremakers we curate and house the world's finest lifestyle products for men and women.

We offer customers an eclectic range of accessories from hand crafted leather bags to carbon razors. Our goods, or wares, are all selected for their classic design and absolute superiority in craftsmanship.

We source and curate these products from both independent producers and online resellers, and then act as a vendor and marketer, promoting and selling these items on behalf of our partners.

We do this not only because we are passionate about understated design and high quality, but because we see an ever increasing need for curation. The high level of choice available on the internet is good news for the consumer, but the reality is that it can be both time consuming and overwhelming for the busy shopper to find what he or she is looking for.

So put simply, by bringing together producers who share our ethos of excellence, Waremakers makes it easy for people to find those high quality items with that certain understated, confident design — benefitting the sales of every individual producer. 


However, Waremakers is not just a shop. The company started life as a monthly magazine that won several national awards in Denmark, and we have carried our trade with us over to Waremakers. Just like then, we put much emphasis on editorial content, giving visitors the opportunity to read guides, blogs and illustrated stories about each individual producer, or waremaker, and many of the individual wares available.

It is all about telling the story of the products and the producers who devote their lives to creating the very best quality. This gives potential customers the option to identify and connect emotionally with the products.

Products are not just products but a means with which we express our identity. For a product to be a strong expression of identity, it is crucial that its user feels a connection with it.

Waremakers is a Danish business based in Copenhagen, Denmark, but is ultimately a European operation with a global outlook. 

We operate primarily out of a second office in the centre of Valencia, Spain and employ people from all over the world. Waremakers targets a global market with special emphasis on major ecommerce markets in the EU, North America and parts of Asia. 

HOW IT WORKS (for sellers)