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If you have general enquiries about Waremakers, how the site works, how you shop, suggestions etc., please write us on:

[email protected]


Please note that Waremakers do not handle returns as items are purchased directly from the supplier and not from Waremakers. To return an item, please see the information in your confirmation e-mail or go to MyWaremakers and click "return" next to the product you wish to return.

Alternatively, find the relevant supplier on our A-Z LIST OF WAREMAKERS. Click on the brand of the item you wish to return, and on the following page, click "TERMS, DELIVERY & RETURNS" to see the returns procedure and contact details for any enquiries.

If you are experiencing problems with returning a product that you are unable to resolve with the supplier, you can write us and we will step in.

[email protected]


Do you have concerns about how we protect your data privacy? Please consult our PRIVACY page first. If you have questions after reading this, please write us on:

[email protected]


Are you a supplier interested in working with Waremakers? Or do you have other B2B enquires? Please write us on:

[email protected]