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Uncompromising quality & design

Waremakers brings together global, independent producers who share an ethos of excellence

Frustrated by a world of uniform highstreets, mass production in faraway places and whimsical trends, we wanted two things: Uncompromising quality and enduring design

And we wanted to know the people, the places and the processes behind the things we buy.

So, we started Waremakers to promote a culture of buying fewer, better, lasting goods.  

Our team of curators travel the globe in search of the world's foremost independent producers — big and small — that share our commitment to purposeful design and rigorous manufacturing standards.

At waremakers.com you will find the result of all this: An ever-growing, carefully curated selection of goods.

Combined with our informative guides and reads, we believe Waremakers is the place to go for curious shoppers around the world looking for the very best in quality and design.


Said about Waremakers

"An excellent online boutique dedicated to the best-designed and crafted products from around the world."

"Accessories with understated cool. Those who relish informed decision-making will find delight in this site."

"Emphasis on know-how and heritage add to the uniqueness of the new luxury shopping experience."


At Waremakers everything is about uncompromising quality ― not about getting more, but about getting better

Waremakers was founded in 2013 by Anders Ojgaard, Danish, and Mary Tungay, British.
Waremakers is a globally orientated business registered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a secondary office in Valencia, Spain.


From the dictionary

waremaker (plural: waremakers). Noun.

A combination of:

ware; a manufactured article offered for sale — often used as a substitute for 'product' when referring to an item where great care has gone into the manufacturing process.

maker; a person, or other entity, that makes something.

Used in combination, waremaker signifies an entity that applies artisanal skills to the making of one or more items that, once completed, will abide by the highest standard (implicit or explicit) for the category to which the item belongs.


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The people behind Waremakers

Anders Ojgaard
  • Management
  • Anders Ojgaard

Anders Ojgaard is Waremakers' Managing Director and a co-founder.

Anders comes from a background as the founder of the Danish magazine 'Magasinet KBH'. The magazine on design, architecture and urban culture published 57 issues between 2005 and 2010 and won several awards including twice being named Best Danish Magazine of the Year (2007 and 2008).

Later, Anders formed the creative communications agency Protopolis, also in Copenhagen, before moving on to co-founding Waremakers.

When Anders is not working he likes to go running (five marathons so far) and to travel. Of course, when travelling he can't help spending most of his time scouting for new products and producers who do things the Waremakers way.

Mary Tungay
  • CAO
  • Mary Tungay

Mary Tungay is Waremakers' CAO and a co-founder.

Mary came from a junior management position in the architectural field, and then relocated to Copenhagen to have a successful career as a store manager for leading international brands such as Whistles and Karen Millen, before co-founding Waremakers.

At Waremakers Mary combines her retail experience and managerial skills with her keen eye for the beautiful and well made objects that are the reason for Waremakers' existence. Mary is involved in the sourcing and curation of products and is responsible for the servicing of our partners.

When not at the office, Mary nurtures her interests in literature, running and trying out exotic combinations of vegetables in her kitchen.

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