Why we are


Because it should be better

Waremakers is a marketplace / web-magazine hybrid born out of a love for understated high-quality products.

We love to wake up to beauty

At Waremakers we are very fond of timeless everyday objects that are crafted by hand using only the very best materials. Objects you can't stop looking at or playing with in your hands, simply because they are so well made and beautiful. The kind of objects you want next to your bed at night so they are the first thing you see in the morning.

Quite often, these objects are not made by major brands but by smaller producers dedicated to their craft. And they can be hard to find in a world full of mass produced items that are the same whether you find yourself in Barcelona or London, New York or Beijing.

We think this is a little sad. We missed quality. We missed things born from dedication. We missed the feeling of honesty that such items can bring.

It should be about quality

So we have made it our mission to seek out these artisans and gather them here at Waremakers. We want to give everybody easier access to these items of devotion that can make you feel that life itself is of higher quality. Not about getting more. But about getting better.

We believe in

Producers that make their things locally, and not on the other side of the planet, make much better products.

Human hands produce the finest quality and give soul to the items we use in our lives.

Beauty is created when form follows function – refinement lies in simplicity.

The virtues of skillfully crafted objects affect their users – using quality makes us feel of quality.

If you are a producer or supplier who shares this ethos, and you are interested in selling with us, please read on here:



Who we are



Anders Ojgaard
Managing Director Danish

Anders Ojgaard is Waremakers' Managing Director and a co-founder.

Anders comes from a background as the founder of the Danish magazine 'Magasinet KBH'. The magazine on design, architecture and urban culture published 57 issues between 2005 and 2010 and won several awards including twice being named Best Danish Magazine of the Year (2007 and 2008).

Later, Anders formed the creative communications agency Protopolis, also in Copenhagen, before moving on to co-founding Waremakers.

When Anders is not working he likes to go running (five marathons so far) and to travel. Of course, when travelling he can't help spending most of his time scouting for new products and producers who do things the Waremakers way.

Mary Tungay

Mary Tungay is Waremakers' CAO and a co-founder.

Mary came from a junior management position in the architectural field, and then relocated to Copenhagen to have a successful career as a store manager for leading international brands such as Whistles and Karen Millen, before co-founding Waremakers.

At Waremakers Mary combines her retail experience and managerial skills with her keen eye for the beautiful and well made objects that are the reason for Waremakers' existence. Mary is involved in the sourcing and curation of products and is responsible for the servicing of our partners.

When not at the office, Mary nurtures her interests in literature, running and trying out exotic combinations of vegetables in her kitchen. 


Morten Just

Morten Just worked for companies such as Speednames and Adobe in London before co-founding the mobile social network Imity which was sold to Zyb in 2008.

He then moved on to Vodafone to head a team working on user experience management before joining the Google Engineering Lab as a designer in Zürich in 2010.


Morten H. Poulsen

Morten H. Poulsen is a New Products and Solution Specialist at Google. He knows everything about finding his way on the internet and helping others find what they are looking for.


Lasse Jensen

Lasse Jensen is an internet entrepreneur that has been, and is, involved in a number of online businesses such as Lovefilm, Interweb and Gamescribe. Lasse is an expert on planning and execution and making sure the balance sheet is well balanced.


Chantal Naughton

Chantal Naughton is originally from Wales but now finds herself in Amsterdam where she is the director of Campden Holdings and The City Street Spa.

Up until January 2011, and for a total of nine years, Chantal was Head of Retail Europe for the British clothing manufacturer Karen Millen.


Waremakers ApS is a company registered in Denmark.

Registration number: DK36989955

Telephone: +45 36 98 06 50
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